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My name is Will Gulliver and I am an aspiring film student heading to MetFilm School, London. Born and raised in the South West of England, I specialise in directing and cinematography. I have had a passion for the art and filmmaking from a young age. It all started with creating stop-motion films with LEGO in my bedroom when I was 10 years old. It then eventually snowballed into more and more of a passion over the years as I started to film everything and gather inspiration from my surroundings.

The reason I fell in love with film is because it allows someone to transport an audience to a totally different place, to allow them to get fully immersed into different lives and stories from all over the world. I am inspired by this transportation of an audience and I hope to have some effect on my audience in the future 

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My name is Ben Drummond and I grew up in Southampton, England. From a young age I started going to the movie theatre with my family and, as I grew up, it became my favourite activity to do.  I would spend more and more time seeing all the new movies. This helped me develop my own personal taste and style which inspired me to start experimenting with filming and different techniques behind the camera.

Films have unknowingly become such a big part of my life and have helped me develop confidence in my own ability and in my everyday life. I hope I will be able to project and share this feeling to my audience in the future.



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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